Proliferated Solar Sail Scaled and Piled/ Stacked Production Line Blueprints in Dyson Sphere Program

In this guide we will discuss how to put together blueprints for production lines that can produce and launch 28.8k proliferated solar sails per minute. We will first look at what a single solar sail costs and then discuss some of the key production lines. Finally, we will look at how to launch all of these solar sails to build a Dyson Sphere.

If you are just here for the blueprints, here they are:

You will first want to have build the production lines for the proliferator, there is a guide and blueprints for that available here:

Firstly, to produce 240 per second solar sails the following materials are needed:

240 solar sail costs:

  • 120 graphene, which costs:
    • 120 fire ice
  • 120 photon combiner which costs:
    • 120 circuit board, which costs:
      • 120 iron ingot
      • 60 copper ingot
    • 120 optical grating crystal

I usually separate production lines to dedicated planets for smelting, chemistry and assembling. This means that only certain buildings are needed on that planet and all of the production lines are quite similar. All of our production lines are quite similar where they take some input lines, where we will assume that all the technologies for piling items 4 high have been unlocked, and then have to combine single piled output lines into 4 piled output lines to be fed into a transportation station. I usually do this using 4 segmented production lines where each segment produces enough output to fill up a Mk.III conveyor belt (30 items per second). These are then fed into a pillar and drawn to the front of the production lines. That is where splitters and Automatic Pilers are used to produce a single full conveyor belt stacked 4 items high. All of the input and output conveyor belts are then fed through a spray coater using Mk.III proliferator.

Merging and piling items

The key question for each production line is:

  • How many of the input lines can be shared
  • Can the output line be shared
  • How many machines does it take to produce 30 items per second to fill up a single piled Mk.III conveyor

The blueprints above have been designed to accomplish all of these. 3 of them can be placed next to each other in the sections of the planet on either side of the equator. They tend to be quite long although each one usually can produce in the tens of thousands of items per minute so not many of each of the blueprints are needed. I usually figure out how many of each blueprint I need by creating and resolving bottlenecks by placing down the blueprints producing the output that I want and then resolving any bottlenecks for the input belts.

The last step is to use EM Rail Ejectors to launch the solar sails. The proliferated solar sails are launched twice as fast. I needed to cover an entire planet with EM Rail Ejectors to be able to keep up with the production rates of solar sails. The EM Rail Ejector blueprint included above covers the entire planet. Be sure to create a factory producing foundations (guide and blueprints here: and cover up any liquids or holes in the ground and bury any material veins before putting down the blueprints. You will also need quite a bit of power, I used Artificial Stars in the blueprint.

Planet covered in EM Rail Ejectors
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