Borderlands 3

The Droughts

Bad Reception

Open the Trap Door
Search Spark’s Cave
Destroy the Satellite Dishes
Collect Umbrella

Dump on Dumptruck

Find Red Chest

Skag Dog Days

Find the Big Succ
Collect Cactus Fruit


Holy Spirits

Harvest Intoxicated Ratch Livers

Invasion of Privacy

Find Beans
Seriously, Find Beans
Not Kidding, Find Beans, It’s Super Important

Atlas HQ

Ratch’d Up

Search for Clues

The Anvil

On the Blood Path

Search Cell

Jakobs Estate


Search for Clue and Open Chest
Search Cellar
Find Clues Underneath Jakobs Estate

Lair of the Harpy

Unlock Trap Door

Voracious Canopy

Family Jewel

Get to Container

Rumble in the Jungle

Find Clues
Find ECHO Logs

Floodmore Basin

Going Rogue

Shoot Rogue-Sight Marks

Blackbarrel Cellars

Cold as a Grave

Reveal Ruins

Ascension Bluff

Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece

Steal Hammerclan Banner
Loot Puttergunk’s Strongbox

Devil’s Razor

The Feeble and the Forious

Collect Coins

ECHOnet Neutrality

Locate UC-THAK

The Splinterlands

The Homestead (Part 3)

Open Valve and Climb to the Roof

Just Desserts

Collect Spiderant Eggs

Konrad’s Hold

Wildlife Conservation

Collect Explosives

The Demon on the Dark

Find the Incessant Beeping
Activate Eridian Runes

Childhood’s End

Find a Toy Bear
Find a Vending Machine
Find Hyperion RKT Sentry
Find a Satellite

Angels and Speed Demons

Load Reactor

Desolation’s Edge

Footsteps of Giants

Destroy Generator