New Mining Colony Pattern Advanced Mining + Geothermal Power – Dyson Sphere Program

In this guide we will discuss the new mining colony pattern that is much easier to build compared to the past in Dyson Sphere Program. This was enabled by the recent The icarus’ Evolution major update I have covered here: We will first discuss why it is much easier, what you need to set it up and and what you can expect in terms of output.

First let’s discuss why it is much easier. It used to take my a few hours per planet to tap all of its resources with a long time spent spinning around mining machines until they covered all the nodes. With the advanced mining machine this is just a single building per material node which can produce 10k+ items per minute depending on how many nodes are covered by the building. The next step used to be to draw belts to the nearest interplanetary transportation system, now the drones can just come straight to the advanced mining machine and pick up the mined items. Finally, for lava planets, the power source has also been greatly simplified by geothermal power. It is approximately as effective as the thermal power generator and just needs to be placed above lava to start producing power. I found that I needed about a hundred or so of them placed and then the planet has enough power being produced to mine it. This is only useful early in the game since the late game has much better power production, such as the energy exchanger and the miniature sun, but in the early to mid game it can be quite useful.

Moving on to what you need for a new mining colony, if you are planning to use geothermal power be sure to bring plenty of the geothermal power stations. Otherwise you will need the items for an alternative power setup. There east of the needed items are:

  • Some interplanetary logistics stations to make the mined items available
  • A thousand or so drones to collect the mined material
  • A hundred or so advanced mining machines depending on the number of nodes open the planet
  • Some Tesla towers

And that is it! Now you just go to the planet, put down the interplanetary logistics stations, 1-10 per mined item depending on how much mining you are planning to do and how far away you are from the destination of the mined material. Don’t forget to put drones into them. Be sure to connect your power source, geothermal or otherwise, and then just fly around the planet, draw power with you and put down the advanced mining machines down. Be sure to boost the mining rate to 300% and your drones will be ready to pick up the mined items.

I usually don’t put logistics vessels on mining colonies since you then also have to deliver warpers which can mean that you need to distribute a lot of them around the galaxy which can be risky if you run out of them for some reason since it will take a lot of effort to restart production lines.

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