9 GW Coal Power Plant! Speed Build and Guide for Satisfactory

In this guide we will build scaled coal power producing 9 GW of power. We will first consider where a good location for coal power is, then we will analyse the production rates of the various buildings to determine how many of each we need, then we will gather the materials for thee build and finally execute on the build. Each of the different production lines will be demonstrated and then explained how they will be scaled.

The video guide and speed build

Starting with a good location. We will need coal and water as input, so any location with plenty of those will do. There is an interactive map available here: https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/interactive-map. Turn on only the coal resources nodes and spawn locations. The spawn location will be shown as large blue circles which will help you orient yourself. We will be picking a nice location near our spawn location with 4 normal coal nodes and plenty of water.

There location we picked to build the coal power plant

The next consideration is the number of buildings producing and consuming resources we will need. This is similar to finding the lowest common denominator in mathematics. We will start with the end goal;

  • 1 coal generator (for now) produces 75 MW and consumes 45 water per minute and 15 coal per minute.

Now we need to satisfy those resources. Starting with the water, this can be gathered with the water extractor. This produces 120 water per minute. However, we only need 45 water per minute. So let’s increase the number of coal power plants and water extractors until the required water matches the produced water. The end result is that we need:

  • 3 water extractors produce 360 water per minute and
  • 8 coal generator produce 600 MW and consume 360 water per minute and 120 coal per minute.

Now we need to do the same thing for the coal. We will be using a normal node with Mk. 3 miners. If you don’t have access to Mk. 3 miners just use whatever the best miner that you have and potentially combine the output for now until you have better miners unlocked. We will also be boosting the production of 2 of the miners to 250% using 3 power shards so that they will produce 600 coal per minute and then combine the other 2 Mk. 3 miners where one is boosted by 50% using 1 power shard so that they together produce 600 coal per minute as well. There is an opportunity to increase the overall power output to 12 GW by boosting all 4 nodes by 250%, however we ran out of space for water extraction so ultimately decided to only produce 9 GW. The end result of all this is we will need:

  • 1 Mk. 3 miner with 3 power shards produces 600 coal per minute,
  • 15 water extractors produce 1800 water per minute and
  • 40 coal generator produce 3 GW and consume 1800 water per minute and 600 coal per minute.

Since we will have a total of 1800 coal per minute we can build this 3 times, or 4 times of all 4 miners were boosted to 600 coal per minute.

Final production rates and number of buildings

Next we need to gather materials for building. Per miner we will need:

  • 1 Mk. 3 miners
  • 15 water extractors
  • 40 coal power plants
  • A lot of foundations, walls, roofs etc (around a thousand to be safe)
  • A lot of pipe (hundreds depending on your build)
  • A lot of conveyor belts and lifters (hundreds depending on your build)
  • ~100 power poles and ~200 cables
  • Some stackable conveyer and pipe poles and conveyer and pipe floor holes
  • ~10 water pumps
  • Around 50 conveyer splitters

It is unlikely that you will be able to fit all of this in your inventory, it helps to do a few runs of materials and store them in storage containers (be sure to take the appropriate materials for them with you) so that your build doesn’t get interrupted with length walks to go for more materials.

Now for the build. We will go through the first unit of production (everything that feeds off the 1 Mk. 3 coal miner) in detail and then the others are just the same repeated. I usually like to separate production lines into levels. In this case, I built the power plant above the water so the first level is the water extraction. In terms of width and depth, lining up 2 rows of 8 water extractors on each side pumping water into 3 stacked pipelines in the middle works pretty well with the space requirements fort the coal power plants. Only 15 water extractors are needed, but that is not symmetrical so I decided to put in 16 and over produce water. Each pipeline will need at least 5 water extractors to be fed into them so that each pipeline carries the maximum of 600 water per minute. Connect the pipelines to another level above the water extractors using pipeline floor holes.

The water extractor level

Next is the miner. Just put it on top of the resource node and put in the power shards and put down a conveyer belt to the level above the water extractors using conveyer lifters.

On the next level up put down 14 coal power plants (this is slightly over consuming but will produce about 1 GW of power, consume 200 coal and 600 water per minute which is one of) he pipes on the water extractor level. I usually put the pipeline down the ground level and then use conveyer lifters for the coal input and raise the splitters above the pipeline by first putting down 3 about 3 m back from the coal power plant an then stacking them up by 3 and then deleting the bottom 2.

One of the coal generator levels

One of the more intricate parts for the next level is how to split the coal line. I usually use a platter and take one of the outputs for a even level and then connect a lifter to another output and then draw another lifter above the lifter to that level for the next level so that the coal lifter stays in the some horizontal location for all levels. Then it is just rinse and repeat for 2 more levels. This overall build then needs to be repeated for the number of miners that you want to connect. I ended up connecting 9 GW which is basically 1800 coal per minute.

The way to split the coal on a level so that excess coal keeps going up to the next level
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