15 GW Oil/ Fuel Power Plant! Speed Build and Guide for Satisfactory

In this guide we will build scaled oil/ fuel power producing 15 GW of power. We will first consider where a good location for oil power is, then we will analyse the production rates of the various buildings to determine how many of each we need, then we will gather the materials for thee build and finally execute on the build. Each of the different production lines will be demonstrated and then explained how they will be scaled.

Starting with a good location. We only need a good location with oil wells. There is an interactive map available here: https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/interactive-map. Turn on only the oil resources nodes and spawn locations. The spawn location will be shown as large blue circles which will help you orient yourself. We will be picking a nice location near our spawn location with 2 each pure and normal oil nodes.

Good location for the fuel/ oil power generator

The next consideration is the number of buildings producing and consuming resources we will need. This is similar to finding the lowest common denominator in mathematics. We will start with the end goal;

  • 1 fuel generator (for now) produces 150 MW and consumes 12 fuel per minute.

Now we need to produce the fuel. This can be done in a refinery that takes oil and produces fuel and polymer resin (we will ignore the polymer resin because we will just dump it into an AWESOME sink). However, 1 refinery produces 40 fuel per minute, which is more than 1 fuel generator needs. This means we need to find common ground between the refinery and fuel generator by having more than 1 of potentially each. Doing the math we find that the smallest number of each to the fuel generator and refinery is:

  • 3 refineries produce 120 fuel per minute and consume 180 crude oil per minute
  • 10 fuel generators produce 1,500 MW and consume 120 fuel per minute

Finally, we need to satisfy the crude oil requirement. We will be using a fluid extractor on 3 pure nodes equivalent (1 of the pure nodes is actually 2 normal nodes combined) boosted to 250% using power shards that can be created from power slugs that are collectible around the map. These boosted fluid extractors produce 600 crude oil per minute on pure nodes, which again is more than the refineries actually need. Doing the math means that our basic unit of production is:

  • 3 fluid extractor with 3 power shards produces 1,800 oil per minute,
  • 30 refineries produce 1,200 fuel per minute and
  • 100 fuel generators produce 15 GW and consume 1,200 fuel per minute.

We will also need 2 AWESOME sinks since 30 refineries will produce around 900 polymer resin per minute but the limit for 1 AWESOME sink dictated by our Mk. 5 conveyor belts is 720 polymer resin per minute.

Next we need to gather materials for building. Per miner we will need:

  • 4 fluid extractors and 12 power shards
  • 30 refineries
  • 100 fuel generators
  • A lot of foundations, walls, roofs etc (around a thousand to be safe)
  • A lot of pipeline (hundreds depending on your build) and 5 or so pipeline pumps
  • Conveyor belts and lifters
  • ~200 power poles and ~300 cables
  • Some stackable conveyer and pipe poles and pipe floor holes
  • Around 30 conveyer mergers

It is unlikely that you will be able to fit all of this in your inventory, it helps to do a few runs of materials and store them in storage containers (be sure to take the appropriate materials for them with you) so that your build doesn’t get interrupted with length walks to go for more materials.

Now for the build. It is relatively straight forward. First connect the fluid extractors to the crude oil nodes and insert the power shards. Be sure to combine any nodes until you have 3 pipes with 600 crude oil per minute each. Each of these pipes can support 10 refineries, be sure to only connect 10 refineries rather than link all 3 pipes together to ensure that you don’t exceed the 600 fluid per minute limit of pipes and to make it easy for the crude oil to supply the refineries.

For the production lines, I put it down in 2 rows, the first row is the refineries and the second row is the fuel generators. To save space, I stacked 2 rows of fuel generator on top of each other. Since we will be producing 2 Mk. 2 pipeline worth of fuel, each level is dedicates to consuming 600 fuel per minute so it will need 50 fuel generators each. Be sure to use pumps to get the fuel to the second level.

Alongside the pipes, put down conveyors to transport the polymer resin directly into a AWESOME SINK. I connector the first 20 to one sink and the last 10 to another.

The production line of refineries producing fuel and generators burning it for power

The fuel generators will take some time to start working, especially those that are further away from the refineries since there is less and less fuel that is used to fill up the pipes and the internal storage of the fuel generator internal storage as you go down the line. The overall build should produce close to 15 GW, around 13-14, reasonable soon after you finish the build and then eventually get to 15 GW over time.

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