Waterworlds: Scaled Water Production – Dyson Sphere Program

In this guide we will discuss how to easily collect a lot of water. I always found it difficult to collect water on the mixed worlds that have some lakes or oceans as well as land because of the limited amount of water available and the competition for space for production lines. With this technique you will easily be able to draw a lot of water pumps and collect any amount of water you need for things like titanium glass.

There are special worlds, called waterworlds that can be found around M type stars. They are special for a few reasons, such as that they have spin form stalagmite crystals which are an excellent source for carbon nanotubes, and usually have good crude oil sources. The main reason they are interesting for the purpose of this guide is that they are made up of mostly water. This allows you to use foundations to draw land which you can form to be in the shape that will make it easy to place the water pumps. I find that reducing the drawing tool to a single square and then slowly walking forwards allows me to draw land that makes it easy to place many water pumps next to each other.

Drawing foundations to place water pumps

After having put down the first line of water pumps I usually use blueprints to copy and paste long lines of water pumps.

Putting down many water pumps using blueprints

The only other thing that is left to do is to ensure that you take plenty of foundations and soil pile with you because the water is quite deep in places. After you have drawn the water pumps you will also need to create an island for power production and to place a logistics station and deliver the water to the logistics station using conveyor belts. I usually combine about 10 water pumps into a single belt.

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