Beating Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne PS4

Father Gascoigne Attacks Bloodborne

Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne has several attacks that you can’t stun him out of. The upper cut, the ground pound and side to side swings are examples. After some of those attacks Father Gascoigne takes a little time to recover, at those times you can quickly close in and get hit him once and roll away straight away. However, Father Gascoigne can be stunned when he is just starting with his overhead attack and other less intensive attacks. You need to be careful because if you shoot Father Gascoigne too late he will get stunned but you will also get hit:

Father Gascoign Stunnable Attack

Father Gascoign Stunnable Attack

Whilst Father Gascoigne is stunned you can go in for a visceral attack which does a lot more damage. You can also hit Father Gascoigne safely just after the visceral attack whilst he is getting up.

Father Gascoigne Transformation Bloodborn

After Father Gascoigne transforms he is very difficult to avoid. I suggest you use Molotov Cocktails to finish Father Gascoigne off, which you need to do quickly.

The Best Guns in Battlefield Hardline

There were a few changes from the Battlefield Hardline Beta to the full release which means that the best gun in Battlefield Hardline also has changed. The best gun in the Battlefield Hardline Beta was the M416 which still remains highly competitive. The AKM is also very good.

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Crota’s End Hard Mode Guide The Dark Below Destiny Raid Annihilater Totems, Kill Crota

You need level 32 characters to be able to complete Crota’s End Hard Mode.

Traverse the Abyss Crota’s End Raid Hard Mode The Dark Below

This information for Crota’s End Hard Mode is on top of the standard mode guide:

Weight of will only go up to 10 but it ticks up faster. Hallowed Thralls can spawn and more Thralls will spawn. The maze is the same in terms of layout, please see this page for a map that also shows chest locations:

The lamps last shorter so you need to be faster going through The Abyss. Most people are calling 2 materials from the first chest, so only single loot for the first chest.

At the end of The Abyss when activating the bridge get a hunter to activate the light circle and then hide behind the pillars. Keep switching sides and go into stealth and run across the bridge as soon as you can.

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Chest 1 and 2 Locations Solo Crota’s End Raid in The Dark Below in Destiny

First Chest Location Crota’s End Raid Destiny

The first chest is when you get to the Traverse the Abyss checkpoint. Run towards the first light past one of the pillars. Then turn left and follow a path into the darkness. You will get to a door behind which is the first chest in the Crota’s End Raid in The Dark Below in Destiny. This particular chest spawns in random locations so you may not see it here straight away. The other locations are similarly to the left and right of the path you should take. The door with the chest behind it has a glowing light above it.

Another possible location is at the start go to the right. Eventually you see a little balcony which is the entrance to the room where a chest may spawn. Here is a map that shows the possible locations that the chests can spawn:

First Chest Spawn Points Crota's End Raid The Dark Below Destiny

First Chest Spawn Points Crota’s End Raid The Dark Below Destiny

Here is a video showing you how to get to the first chest in crota’s end raid:

Second Chest Location Crota’s End Raid Destiny

Here is a video showing you how to get to the second loot chest in Crota’s End:

Chest Contents and Chances Crota’s End Raid

Here is some information about the possible contents of the two above chests and the chances associated with getting the loot from the chests:

Solo the First Chest Crota’s End Raid

Here is a video that shows how to get to the first chest on your own using a Hunter:

Solo the Second Chest Crota’s End Raid

Here is a guide that talks about how to solo different parts of the Crota’s End raid including how to get to the second chest on your own:



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