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Sneak into Lord Shimura’s Quarters Heart of the Jito Ghost of Tsushima

To sneak into Lord Shimura’s Quarters in Heart of the Jito in the Ghost of Tsushima jump into the lake, swim towards the waterfall and climb onto the rock. Follow the cliff around until you get into the house. Go … Continue reading

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Destroy Generator Footsteps of Giants Desolation’s Edge Borderlands 3

To destroy the generator in Footsteps of Giants in Desolation’s Edge in Borderlands 3, jump onto the roof of one of the buildings in the area and shoot the generator on the other side of the field. All Borderlands 3 … Continue reading

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Find Hyperion RKT Sentry Childhood’s End Tannis Konrad’s Hold Borderlands 3

To find a Hyperion RKT sentry in Childhood’s End for Tannis in Konrad’s Hold in Borderlands 3, shoot the lever on the platform at the west side of the chamber. Next: Find a Satellite All Childhood’s End Guides All Konrad’s … Continue reading

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Search for Clue Unlock Chest Sacked Wainwright Jakobs Jakobs Estate Borderlands 3

To search for clue in Sacked for Wainwright Jakobs in Jakobs Estate in Borderlands 3, go up to the bust on the right of the chest and use it. Press the button. Next: Search Cellar All Sacked Guides All Jakobs … Continue reading

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