Thief 2014

Chapter 1 Lockdown

Unlocking the Jewller’s Safe to get the Jewelled Mask

Chapter 2 Dust to Dust

Find a Way to Bypass the Security Door
Open the General’s Strong Box

Chapter 3 Dirty Secrets

Overloading the Opium
Opening Madam Xiao-Xiao’s Strongbox
Activate the Podium and Find the Symbols
Solving the Bridge Puzzle

Chapter 6 A Man Apart

Find a Way into the Secret Room
Acquire Primal Stone Fragment

Side Missions

Basso Jobs

Stealing the Star of Audale
Getting into Montonessis Abode
Opening the Safe in Beauty Within
Finding Lady Christina’s Testament in A Lady’s Bequest
Getting into Hangman’s Apartment in Long Drop Full Stop
Getting into Yellowface’s Office in Taking a Fence
Getting into the Watch Customs Office in A Grave Matter
Disabling the Trap in The Disappearing Poet
Disable the Trap in Shark Bait
Finding the Poet Fragments in The Disappearing Poet
Opening the Windows in Casing the Cargo

Client Jobs

Solving the Wall Combination Puzzle in Heartbroken
Solving the Pressure Plate Puzzle in Heartbroken
Hidden Vault Combination in the Collector’s Lodge in The Carnal Connoisseur

1 Response to Thief 2014

  1. navybuddy says:

    Just found candles that give off a mist like quality in the Southern Quarter, particularly in high up, unreachable places. Shooting them with a fire arrow triggers something possibly spoiler-ish. I’ve only found a few so far, and it doesn’t seem to have done anything so far. Perhaps it’s worth looking into?

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