The Fractured But Whole Guides

Get into Bank

Story Guides

Get Through Garage
Coon Lair Passcode
Church Storage Room Passcode
Get Past Medical Fried Chicken Security System

The Bowels of the Beast

Escape Your House
A Randy Mystery
Get To Attic Shortcut
Get Past Bouncer
Find Drink for Bouncer

Alternate Universes Collide Again

Retrieve Kite From Tree

Medicinal Friend Fiasco

Find Skeeter’s Roof Aged Cheese

Ghost Reconciler

Find Stripe in Craig’s Room

The Talk 2: The Gendering

Get To Counselor’s Office

The Hundred Hands of Chaos

Escape Your House
Get Past Boiler
Get Past Gun
Get Past Wall
Get Past Lava with Box
Get Up Water Tower Platform
Escape U-Store-It

The Chaos Gambit

Escape Butters’ House
Breach Freedom Pals HQ

The Thin White Line

Get Past First Set of Turrets
Get Past Second Set of Turrets
Get Past Security Guard
Get Past Skeleton Door

To Catch a Coon

Solve Connor’s “Death Store” Riddle
Solve Connor’s Happiness Reigns Riddle
Reach 3rd Level Override Switch

Acquire Followers

Don’t Screw Around Mr. Adler