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Skyrim: Volunruud (Word of Power: Hunt of the Aura Whisper Shout)

Volunruud is south of Dawnstar and suth east of Solitude:   Solving the Door Puzzle To acquire the items you need you have to go though the side caves from the entrance cave. There is one on the left and … Continue reading

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Skyrim: Autumwatch Tower (Word of Power: Kill of the Marked for Death Shout)

You can locate the Autumwatch Tower west of Riften and south of Windhelm:   Killing the Dragon Autumwatch Tower is only guarded by a dragon. You have the opportunity to retreat into a tower in which the dragon can’t attack you with … Continue reading

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Skyrim: Angravunde (Word of Power Allegiance of the Animal Allegiance Shout)

You can find Agravunde west of Riften:   Main Cave Puzzle At the entrance you will run into Medresi Dran who is after the treasure at Agravunde. I chose to kill her to save future trouble when she might be expecting a … Continue reading

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Skyrim: Volksygge (Word of Power: Tempest of the Whirlwind Spirit Shout)

You can find Volksygge west of Solitude and north east of Morthal:   Animal Sequence Puzzle Near the beginning of this dungeon you run into a puzzle in a room where in the middle there are four coffins and to … Continue reading

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