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Dishonored Guide: Breaking into Dr. Galvani’s Flat and Taking the Rat Viscera Non-Lethal and Not Detected (Granny Rags)

This is a part of the optional quests Granny Rags gives you. Dr. Galvani’s flat is full of enemies, so getting through it without being detected and without killing anyone is somewhat challenging. If you take it slow and save frequently you should … Continue reading

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Dishonored Guide: Dealing with Granny Rags Gentlemen Callers in Distillery District

This is an optional quest in the Overseer Campbell quest area. After you have dealt wit Granny Rags Gentlemen Callers she will give you a rune. She has another mission which I will write a guide about later today. This … Continue reading

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Dishonored Guide: Escaping the Dunwall Sewers Non-Lethally and Finding all the Secrets in Dishonored Quest

The Dunwall Sewers area doesn’t have a lot of enemies, instead it’s filled with traps and secret areas. This guide explains how to pass all the guards non-lethally, avoid the traps and find all the secrets:

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Dishonored Guide: Hide and Seek with Emily, Secrets and Defending Queen Non Lethally in Returning Home

This is the absolute first part of Dishonored. There are a few things to keep in mind when playing this area. Firstly, if you are planning a non-lethal playthourgh of Dishonored you cannot, even here, kill any enemies. There is a kind … Continue reading

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