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Solve Giant Shiva Statue Puzzle The lost Legacy Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Guide

To solve the giant Shiva puzzle in 5 – The Lost Legacy in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy go to the left of the statue and climb up the column. Keep going all the way up until you get to a wheel and turn the wheel. Go across the hand and then across the front of the statue to get to the other side of the cave and jump to the cliff.


Go up the stairs and climb out of the window and to the top of the wall and turn the wheel. Go down to near where your partner is and jump to the hand and then climb up to the scepter. Climb the scepter to the top and turn the wheel.

Slide down the stream and grapple to the other side of the statue. Go to the second arm on the other side and use it to get to the wall. Turn the wheel and turn around to climb up the wall behind you and jump to the staff and climb up all the way to the top and grapple back to the Shiva statue.


Turn the wheel and make your way to the top of the Shiva statue. Grapple across the cave and turn the statue so that the light gets refracted to the left and right. Go to the next statue to the left and turn it so that it reflects the light towards the last statue on the left. Go to the last statue and move it across until the light hits the panel above the statue.

Go to the other side of the refracting statue and get your partner to hold up the mirror. Then go to the last statue and push it to reflect the light upwards.