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Skyrim: Valthume (Word of Power: Life of the Aura Whisper Shout)

In Valthume there is a dungeon quest as well as the word of power. For the quest you have to find three potions which are marked on the map. They should all be fairly easy to find usually requiring a … Continue reading

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Skyrim: Sunderstone Gorge (Word of Power: Fire of the Fire Breath Shout)

This dunegon is fairly straight forward. There are a few mages around so be careful with them, magic resistance is very powerful for this cave. There are a few simple puzzles. You can find the Sunderstone Gorge here: YouTube video:

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Skyrim: Shriekwind Bastion (Word of Power: Grace of the Elemental Fury Shout)

Shriekwind Bastion is fairly easy to get through and is fast is you use the south entrance. That is where I entered the Bastion, it can be found here: If you do happen to go into the north entrance this dungeon … Continue reading

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Skyrim: Shearpoint (Word of Power: Voice, Fool and Far of the Throw Voice Shout)

Shearpoint is guarded by a dragon who can be killed like any other dragon by either lowering the difficulty and tanking the damage or seeking cover and gradually shooting him out of the sky with a bow and arrow. It is also guarded by … Continue reading

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