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Reveal Ruins Cold as the Grave Blackbarrel Cellars Borderlands 3

To reveal ruins in Cold as the Grave in Blackbarrel Cellars in Borderlands 3, shoot the first statue in the head. All Borderlands 3 Guides Shoot the second statue in the back. Shoot the final statue in the groin.

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Ruins Nornir Chest The River Pass God of War: Ascension

Next: Death Trap Nornir Chest All The River Pass Nornir Chests All Nornir Chest Guides All God of War: Ascension Guides To open the nornir chest in the ruins in the river pass in God of War: Ascension destroy the … Continue reading

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Ruin Investigation The Taste of Her Sting Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Next: Complete The Taste of Her Sting All The Taste of Her Sting Quests All Assassin’s Creed: Origins Guides To complete the ruin investigation to learn more about the mysterious killer in taste of her sting head to lost crypt: … Continue reading

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Skyrim: Killkreath Ruins (Word of Power: Air of Elemental Fury Shout)

The only thing that you will find at the Killkreath Ruins is the word of power “Air” of the “Elemental Fury” shout. There are no enemies, unless the dragon wasn’t there when I went t this place. There is a … Continue reading

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