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Dishonored Guide: Putting the Rat Viscera into the Distillery (Granny Rags Quest, Non-Lethal and Undetected)

This is the last part of the optional quest Granny Rags gives you. You have to put the rat viscera you took from Dr. Galvani into the Distillery. This is fairly straightforward and you can easily avoid most of the guards:

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Dishonored Guide: Breaking into Dr. Galvani’s Flat and Taking the Rat Viscera Non-Lethal and Not Detected (Granny Rags)

This is a part of the optional quests Granny Rags gives you. Dr. Galvani’s flat is full of enemies, so getting through it without being detected and without killing anyone is somewhat challenging. If you take it slow and save frequently you should … Continue reading

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