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Sneak into the Lighthouse without Raising the Alarm A Gathering Storm Ghost of Tsushima

To sneak into the lighthouse without being seen in A Gathering Storm in the Ghost of Tsushima drop down from the cliff and use the rope to climb the roof of the tent. Drop down on the other side, go … Continue reading

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Disable the Alarm in the Lighthouse The Tale of Ryuzo Ghost of Tsushima

To disable the alarm in the lighthouse without raising the alarm in The Tale of Ryuzo in the Ghost of Tsushima get into the fort through the gap in the wall. Inside, assassinate the guard standing near the pelt. Keep … Continue reading

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Dishonored Guide: Rescuing Emily from the Lighthouse Undetected and Nonlethal in The Light at the End Mission

This mission is probably the easiest out of all of them, but regardless there are a few things that will make life much easier for a stealth approach. This guide explains how to rescue emily non-lethally and undetected.

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