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Solve Trident Jigsaw Puzzle The Waterfall The Western Ghates Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Guide

To solve the Trident jigsaw puzzle at the Waterfalls in 4 – The Western Ghates in Uncharted: The lost Legacy go to the inner dial and use it to align the middle dial to the inner dial. Go to the middle dial and use it to align the inner two dials to the outer dial. Go to the outer dial and align all the dials to the outside.



Open Gate & Solve Fortress Bow Puzzle 4 – The Western Ghats Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Guide

To open the gate in the Fortress in 4 – The Western Ghats in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy go down the stairs to the left and grapple around to the to the next building. Climb to the top and turn the wheel to open the gate.


Go back to the gate and go through it. Grapple across to the platform to the right of the building ahead. Go to the back of the platform and make your way around the cliff to the top of it.


To solve the jigsaw puzzle align the shaft of the arrow with the tip for the outer ring so that the shaft points towards you. Align the front of the bow in the middle ring with the outer ring and the same for the inner ring.