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Crota’s End Hard Mode Guide The Dark Below Destiny Raid Annihilater Totems, Kill Crota

You need level 32 characters to be able to complete Crota’s End Hard Mode.

Traverse the Abyss Crota’s End Raid Hard Mode The Dark Below

This information for Crota’s End Hard Mode is on top of the standard mode guide:


Weight of will only go up to 10 but it ticks up faster. Hallowed Thralls can spawn and more Thralls will spawn. The maze is the same in terms of layout, please see this page for a map that also shows chest locations:


The lamps last shorter so you need to be faster going through The Abyss. Most people are calling 2 materials from the first chest, so only single loot for the first chest.

At the end of The Abyss when activating the bridge get a hunter to activate the light circle and then hide behind the pillars. Keep switching sides and go into stealth and run across the bridge as soon as you can.

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Annihilater Totems and Gatekeepers Cross the Bridge Crota’s End Raid The Dark Below Destiny

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Annihilater Totems Crota’s End Raid The Dark Below Destiny

The bridge is formed by having a player stand on the light plate in the center in front of the bridge. This can be done on either side. Whenever a player stands in that circle on a side on that side a player must also stand underneath each of the 2 Annihilater Totems, otherwise the fireteam is wiped out, this is also a requirement for getting the bridge formed. You can leave the central plate to stop the Annihilater Totems from wiping the team out.

Only a player holding a sword can cross the bridge. Swordbearers will spawn that, when you kill them, drop a sword. As soon as 3 players have crossed it is best for that side to have a player stand on the central plate and thus also have players stand underneath each of the Annihilater Totems. The players on the other side need to get off the central plate and only worry about the Swordbearers. Kill them as quickly as possible and cross the bridge.

Gatekeepers Crota’s End Raid The Dark Below Destiny

Gatekeepers can only be damaged by the swords, so as a player with a sword comes over he needs to start doing damage to the gatekeeper. A gatekeeper spawns each time a sword is dropped from a Swordbearer. Get a Titan to cross first and throw a blind grenade to make it easier for the player wielding the sword to do damage to the gatekeeper. The combo that is best to kill the gatekeepers with the sword is R1, R1, R2 which stuns him and should kill him. The gatekeepers should be killed each time a player crosses since only the sword damages them and if they aren’t killed eventually you will be overrun by gatekeepers.

Once 3 players have crossed keep the bridge up by standing on the circle in front of the bridge on that side so the remaining players on the other side just have to worry about the annihilater totems. Once the third player has crossed Knights start spawning on the first side of the bridge. Players that have crossed can help with the adds on the other side of the bridge since there is little heat on that side.

Once all players have crossed a Hallowed Ogre spawns along with many adds. Hold the line and stay near annihilater totems. That will be the end of the part.

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