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Skyrim: Glory of the Dead of the Companions Quests

The aim of this quest is to free Kadlak’s spirit from the wolf form. It mainly is played at Ysgramor’s Tomb which is north-west-west of Winterhold:

The Location of Ysgramor's Tomb

You will almost exclusively run into companions spirits at Ysgramor’s Tomb. They do tend to have a lot of health, but also aren’t very powerful. Most of the times I found myself bashing their shield in instead of actually fighting. I found that tanking in this quest is very successful as you only run into a few enemies at a time which makes this quest very easy to complete.

Defeating Kodlak’s Wolf Spirit

I remember that is Kodlak’s Wolf Spirit hard to defeat. Poisons do not work on spirits. Also I am pretty sure you can’t use enchantments against it. Because it is a single enemy you can tank the damage easily. Do watch your health because often times you lose health quicker than you expect. Once you are low on health lead Kodlak’s Wolf Spirit around the basin so that it can’t attack you and use magic to heal. Potions are an expensive but quicker alternative.

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Part 1:

Part 2:

First Quest: Joining the Companions
Previous Quest: Purity of Revenge


Skyrim: Purity of Revenge of the Companions Quests

In this quest you avenge the death of Kadlak who was killed during a forsworn raid. You also take back the shards of Wuuthrad that they took with them.

This quest mainly takes place at Driftshade Refuge which you can find south-west of Winterhold:

The Location of Driftshade Refuge in Skyrim

In it you find a number of forsworn. The only ones that will give you trouble are the forsworn that have shields and armor. The other die very quickly and don’t deal much damage. I also found that the enemies that do have shields tend to stand around and block you a whole lot. That makes them easy to kill as you can bash them without them dealing damage to you.

If you are having trouble with this quest I suggest that you sneak and use a bow and arrow.

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First Quest: Joining the Companions
Previous Quest: Retrieval
Next Quest: Glory of the Dead

Skyrim: Bloods Honor of the Companions Quests

Bloods Honor is mainly played at Glenmoril Caven which is east of Markarth. Inside you have to kill one Glenmoril Witch and take its head. To do that simple search the Glenmoril Witch after it is dead and take its head.

After you have one head you can leave. However, I chose to kill the rest of them. They are powerful, but they are mages. If you strafe their magic attacks they don’t do a lot of damage. Going left to right quickly whilst walking towards them will do the trick. Once your blade is in reach of them they will be easy prey.

I found that the easiest way to kill Glenmoril Witches is to sneak and use a bow and arrow. Whenever they are about to find you, retreat around a corner so that you aren’t in visual sight of the place that you last dealt damage to the Glenmoril Witch from and they will never find you. If you are having trouble locating the witches I found that the map is very useful as all the side caves in which the witches can be found branch off the main cave which will be visible on the map once you are in the main cave.

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First Quest: Joining the Companions
Previous Quest: Stealing the Plans
Next Quest: Purity of Revenge

Skyrim: Stealing the Plans

This quest mainly happens at Treva’s Watch. It is the second time that you have to increase your reputation at the thieves guild to do more important quests. You can find quite a few iron ingots at Treva’s Watch.

I ran into two enemy mages using fireballs that killed me very quickly. However, because it is a hit or miss type of spell, avoiding it is key. I found that the best way to do this is much like I would avoid getting hit by an archer: taking advantage of the aiming system in Skyrim and move to the left and right quickly whilst walking towards the archer/mage. They will only hit you on accident if at all.

In Treva’s Watch you mainly face some weaker and some tough silver hands. I found that the tough ones just hide behind their shields and let you bash them to death whilst the weaker are often one-shoted with good equipment.

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First Quest: Joining the Companions
Previous Quest: Retrieval
Next Quest: Bloods Honor