Part 2

Mission 7: Welcome to Hope

Great Balls of Fire, Get to the Bartender
Welcome to Hope Challenge Guide

Mission 8: Birdie’s Gift

Gun Shop, Recovering Silverballers without Target Shooting
Birdie’s Gift Challenge Guide

Mission 9: Shaving Lenny

Streets of Hope, Eliminating Landon, Tyler and Gavin with Signature Kill
Barber Shop, Subdue Lenny, Eliminate Mason and Luke with Signature Kills
Shaving Lenny Challenge Guide

Mission 10 doesn’t require a guide.

Mission 11: Dexter Industries

Dexter Industries Challenge Guide
Dead End, Disabling Security and Backup Security System
Old Mill, Evade the Guards
Descend, Descend to the Compound
Factory Compound

Mission 12: Death Factory

Death Factory Challenge Guide
Test Facility, Eliminate Dr. Green with Signature Kill
Decontamination, Locate Silo Entrance, Disable Security System
R&D, Eliminating Dr. Valentine and Dr. Ashford with Signature Kills

Mission 13: Fight Night

Fight Night Challenge Guide
Patriot Hangar, Get to Sanchez
The Arena, Eliminate Sanchez with Signature Kill

Mission 14: Attack of the Saints

Parking, Eliminate Jennifer Paxton and Heather McCarthy with Signature Kills
Reception, Eliminate Dijana and Agnija Radoncic with Silent and Signature Kill
Cornfield, Eliminate the Last of the Saints with Signature Kill

Mission 15: Skurky’s Law

Courthouse, Get to the Holding Cells
Holding Cells
Prison, Open the Gate, Locate Victoria

Mission 16: Operation Sledgehammer

Country Jail, Escape the Jail, Get Your Silverballers
Outgunned, Evade the Agency and Hunt Skurky
Burn, Evade the Agency and Hunt Skurky
Hope Fair, Evade the Agency and Hunt Skurky, Eliminate Skurky

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