Part 1

Mission 1: A Personal Contract

A Personal Contract
A Personal Contract Challenge Guide

Mission 2: The King of Chinatown

The King of Chinatown
The King of Chinatown Challenge Guide

Mission 3: Terminus

Terminus Hotel
Upper Floors
Terminus Challenge Guide

Mission 4: Run For Your Life

Burning Hotel
Pigeon Coop
Train Station
Run For Your Life Challenge Guide

Mission 5: Hunter and Hunted

The Vixen Club, Eliminating Dom Osmond
The Dressing Room
Derelict Building
Convenience Store
Loading Area
Chinese New Year, Eliminating Frank Owens, Larry Clay and Bill Dole using Signature Kills
Hunter and Hunted Challenge Guide

Mission 6: Rosewood

Orphanage Halls, Retrieving the Fuses
Central Heating, Eliminating Wade with a Signature Kill
Rosewood Challenge Guide


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