Opening Safes and other Hidden Loot

Opening the Safe in the Coldridge Sewers in Dishonored Quest
Opening Doctor Galvani’s Safe in Overseer Campbell Quest
Getting to the Loot Cache in the Incinerator Room in the Kennels (Overseer Campbell Quest)
Finding and Getting into Campbell’s Secret Room (Overseer Campbell Quest)
Opening the Art Dealer’s Safe (Distillery District in House of Pleasure Quest)
Opening Pratchett’s Safe in Drawbridge Control in The Royal Physician Quest
Following the Scavenger to find the River Pearls in the Drawbridge Control Area
Unlocking the Boyle Estate Basement Vault at Lady Boyle’s Last Party
The Empress’ Secret Room in Dunwall Tower (Finding the Bone Charm inside the Dunwall Tower)
Opening the Safe in the Flooded District Sewers Area on the Way to the Hellhound Pub


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