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Skyrim: The Taste of Death

First a small note: I’m sorry about the low quality posts that I did before this one, those quests were done a long time ago and I have deleted my versions of the videos so I couldn’t watch them easily to write a guide. This guide will be much better. Sorry.

Starting The Taste of Death

To start this quest you have to go to Markarth into the Silver Blood Inn. Inside you have to talk to Kleppr, but be careful he gives out more than one quest. The one you want is called The taste of Death. Ask about if he heard any rumors lately. When he starts talking about The Hall of the Dead you have the right speech option and quest.

Talking to Brother Verelus and Finding Eola

You will find Brother Verelus near the Hall of the Dead inside the Understone Keep in Markath. Talk to him for a while and eventually you will be able to offer to help him with his trouble. Go back inside the Hall of Dead and find Eola who you can find on an elevated platform which also has the Shrine of Arkay on it. It is to the right of the main passageway. She will tell you that she will back off given that you help her clear Reachcliff Cave. Go back to Brother verelus and tell him that the Hall of Dead is safe.

Clearing Reachcliff Cave

In reachcliff Cave I found many very strong enemies. However, they are easy to take down with strong equipment and using sneak and a bow and arrow. If you are struggling with the combat there is a link in the sidebar that talks about combat strategies for Skyrim. At the end you find Eola in the main feasting hall (it is disgusting by the way). She will ask you to convince verulus to follow you so that they can eat him. Great.

Convincing Verulus to Follow You

Return to the Hall of the Dead in Markath near the Understone Keep and talk to Brother Verulus. There is a persuade option which will work find if you have a good speech level. Alternatively you can bribe and intimidate him. After you have been successful in one way or another lead him back to Reachcliff Cave.

At this point I was very disgusted with the quest. By eating Verulus dead body gets you the Ring of Namira which increases your stamina and if you feed on corpses it increases your health and health regeneration. Instead of this I decided to murder everybody in the hall and leave the place forever.

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Skyrim: A Night to Remember (Deadric Quest)

Starting “A Night to Remember”

To start this quest you have to go to the Inn at Riften. If you fast travel to Riften and walk forward until you can see a bridge, walk over the bridge and the Inn is right in front of you. Inside you find Sam Guevenne near the bar. He has a black robe on and has long hair:

This is what Sam Guevenne Looks Like

Challenge him to a drinking game and play until you pass out. You wake up in a Temple. With every part of this quest you have a speech option to prevent having to do manual labor. I usually do not pass them, unless they are intimidate options, because I have never bothered to put perks into speechcraft because it is a waste of perks. In the temple you have to pick up litter which have quest markers.

The Investigation

During the investigation you have to find out what happened last night and find Sam to get the Sanguine Rose.

Ennis in Rorikstead

The first place you have to go to is Rorikstead. There you have to talk to Ennis. Here you have an intimidate option which will work depending on your strength as a warrior. Nothing bad happens if you try the option. If you can’t pass the option you are sent to recover a goat. It has a quest marker. Press the action button (E on the computer and I am guessing X or A on xbox) and it will follow you back. Once it gets into a certain radius withing Ennis he will tell you an extra bit of information.

Ysolda in Whiterun

Ysolda will ask you to recover the wedding ring from Witchmist Grove. You find a Hagraven there which is easy to kill. If you are struggling with her step into and out of her weapon’s reach whilst striking with your own weapon at the same time. This will avoid a lot of the damage she deals to you. If you still can’t kill her try getting better equipment. Here is a guide to full deadric armor and weapons. If that doesn’t help delay completing this quest or turn down the difficulty.


At morvunskar there are a lot of mages. Avoid getting into ranged combat because mages excel at that. Instead sneak up on them or distract them with the throw voice shout, for which you can find a guide here, or use the wabbajack to turn them into animals for a short period. Once you reach the last part which has some stairs and a whirling ball of color near it you can skip the fight by just walking into the ball of light. It will teleport you away and the mages won’t follow you. At this point you have completed the quest. Follow the path through the stunning scenery and find Songuine at the end.

Sanguine Rose

I tried out the Sanguine Rose which spawns Sanguine for a short time. I was around a level 40 character and Sanguine wasn’t doing much damage and tended to die instantly. I do play on the expert difficulty, but I can tank damage fine. The Sanguine Rose isn’t very good, but the quest is fun to play.

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Skyrim: A Daedra’s Best Friend

This quest is a daedric quest which has the Masque of Calvicus Vile, which helps with speechcraft and magica regeneration, as a reward or the Rueful Ax that does stamina damage. I started it by traveling to Falkreath and a guard asked me whether I had seen a dog. However, you can also start it by going to the smith, who you can find straight down the road you load in on. Ask him about a lost dog and the quest will start.

Next you have to find a dog outside Falkreath. I did this quest twice and both times the dog was within 10 meters of the quest marked a little further down the road.

The Location Barbas Leads You To

He will ask you to follow him. I did this initially but eventually he bugged out and kept leading me forwards and backwards. He actually leads you to Haemer’s Shame, which is west of Riften and south-east of Whiterun:

Once you go inside the quest marker will change. You have to go through Haemar’s Shame and through Haemar’s Cavern. At the end you will find the Shrine of Clavivus Vile. On the way you have to kill some vampires. I don’t have any trouble with them as I usually killed them with one hit. You can also easily sneak past them because they are to the side of the main path.

I had a little trouble with the last fight because there were a number of enemies. I used my strategy of focusing down weaker opponents to reduce the incoming damage and then I went after the tougher targets.

Retrieving the Rueful Ax from Rimrock Burrow

Calvicus Vile will ask you to retrieve the Rueful Ax from Rimerock Burrow which is located west of Solitude:

The Location of Rimrock Burrow

The only problem I had here was killing Sebastian Lart. The first time I went in here he killed me instantly once he saw me with fireballs. The easiest way to kill him is to range attack him until Barbas runs forward to help kill Sebastian Lart. He will take all the damage but he can’t be killed. Then you can safely go near Sebastian Lart and kill him. Be sure to stay away from Barbas because the lightning and fire damage has a certain radius. The Rueful Ax is on the table on the upper part of the cave.

Choosing Your Quest Reward

You can have either the Rueful Ax or the Masque of Calvicus Vile. If you choose to kill Barbas you can keep the Rueful Ax. If you don’t you have to return the Rueful Ax but receive the Masque of Calvicus Vile which grants 20% better prices, +10 Speechcraft and +5% magica regeneration. It also has an armor rating of 84 compared to a deadric helmet of 119. This is different depending on your perks and armor skill level, but the Masque of Calvicus Vile is only slightly less powerful than a daedric helmet.

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Skyrim: The Black Star

To start this quest you need to go to an inn and ask the innkeeper if he/she has heard any rumors lately. They will tell you about the Shrine of Azura which will start the Black Star quest and give you a quest marker to the shrine.  You can find the shrine south-south-est of Winterhold on top of a mountain:

The Shrine of Azura Location

She will ask you to find the mage that knows something about the Black Star. He is located in the inn at Winterhold. You can talk to the innkeeper and you will get a quest marker for the location of Nelacar. For me he was in one of the side rooms of the inn at Winterhold.

Ilinalta’s Deep

This former tower is full of mages. The main problem that mages poses is getting close to them. Once you can use your sword or any other close combat weapon on them they will die very quickly.

The best way to take out mages is to use bow and arrow. Be sure to be sneaking because often times you can one-shot mages with a good bow and some decent arrows.

Snealing is also very powerful when using a sword or similar close combat weapon. I usually like to use the Wabbajack on stronger enemies because it has a chance to instant kill them or turn them into a chicken or rabbit for a while which will let you get close to them easily. You can find a full guide to getting the Wabbajack here.

Inside the Black Star

After you have collected the black star at Ilinalta’s Deep you have a choice. Either you can bring it back to the shrine were you will receive a soul gem that traps non-human souls or you can go back to Nelacar from whom you will receive a star that traps human souls. That is what I went with because a human soul is always the best soul possible.

To get the soul gem you will have to enter it. Inside you meet 3 Demora Markynazs and Malyn Varen. You can use the same strategy I outlined earlier to defeat these enemies. Remember the loot the Demora Markynazs because they have deadra hearths on them

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