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Skyrim: The Taste of Death

First a small note: I’m sorry about the low quality posts that I did before this one, those quests were done a long time ago and I have deleted my versions of the videos so I couldn’t watch them easily to write a guide. This guide will be much better. Sorry.

Starting The Taste of Death

To start this quest you have to go to Markarth into the Silver Blood Inn. Inside you have to talk to Kleppr, but be careful he gives out more than one quest. The one you want is called The taste of Death. Ask about if he heard any rumors lately. When he starts talking about The Hall of the Dead you have the right speech option and quest.

Talking to Brother Verelus and Finding Eola

You will find Brother Verelus near the Hall of the Dead inside the Understone Keep in Markath. Talk to him for a while and eventually you will be able to offer to help him with his trouble. Go back inside the Hall of Dead and find Eola who you can find on an elevated platform which also has the Shrine of Arkay on it. It is to the right of the main passageway. She will tell you that she will back off given that you help her clear Reachcliff Cave. Go back to Brother verelus and tell him that the Hall of Dead is safe.

Clearing Reachcliff Cave

In reachcliff Cave I found many very strong enemies. However, they are easy to take down with strong equipment and using sneak and a bow and arrow. If you are struggling with the combat there is a link in the sidebar that talks about combat strategies for Skyrim. At the end you find Eola in the main feasting hall (it is disgusting by the way). She will ask you to convince verulus to follow you so that they can eat him. Great.

Convincing Verulus to Follow You

Return to the Hall of the Dead in Markath near the Understone Keep and talk to Brother Verulus. There is a persuade option which will work find if you have a good speech level. Alternatively you can bribe and intimidate him. After you have been successful in one way or another lead him back to Reachcliff Cave.

At this point I was very disgusted with the quest. By eating Verulus dead body gets you the Ring of Namira which increases your stamina and if you feed on corpses it increases your health and health regeneration. Instead of this I decided to murder everybody in the hall and leave the place forever.

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Skyrim Walkthrough: Where You Hang Your Enemies Head (Finishing the Dark Brotherhood Quests)

This is the final part of the Dark Brotherhood Quest line. In it you refurnish the Sanctuary in Dawnstar. It isn’t very difficult, you just visit the Thieves Guild in Riften.

I found that all the upgrades except the garden are a waste of money because they are visual rather than practical. Although it does make the Dawnstar sanctuary look a lot better.

You can keep doing Dark Brotherhood quests for quite a while, just walk up to the Night Mother and she will give you an assassination assignment. These aren’t fun but are a good way to make a little money on the side.

Full Walk Through YouTube Video

Skyrim: Hail Sithis (Killing the Emperor of Tamriel)

This quest is actually very easy. First you talk to Nazir who tells you to go to Whiterun to confirm with Amaund Motierre that the assassination is still a deal. Afterwards you go to the Katariah which is laying under Solitude in the ocean.

On Board the Katariah

On Board the Katariah you encounter many of Penitus Oculatus Agents. Your best bet is to use stealth and a bow and arrow as you can catch many guards by suprise or even kill them before they discover you. I found that this made this quest very easy and I didn’t even come close to dying once. Eventually you find yourself on the deck of the Katariah. There are about 4 Pernitus Oculats Agents on deck. Kill them with stealth. Next you go to the Emperors quarters where you find Emperor Titus Mede II sitting behind his desk defenseless.

After you have done the deed report back to Nazir in the Dawnstar Sanctuary.

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Skyrim: Death Incarnate (Avenging the Dark Brotherhoods Betrayal)

This quest is fairly easy, it consists of a lot of story telling. First you have to kill a number of Penitus Oculatus Agents. They are fairly easy to kill as they are weaker than guards. I even used a bow and arrow in close combat and was easily able to dispatch them.

Inside you find Nazir fighting Arcturus. I found that satying out of the fight and using a bow and arrow to get shots on Arcturus was the easiest way to kill him. Don’t worry about hitting Nazir, he can’t be killed and he won’t turn on you if you shoot him too much.

To escape the fire you get into the coffin of the Night Mother. I am not sure how Nazir and the girl survive, but they do and they pull you out of the water. Afterwards you talk to Astrid and she eventually asks you to kill her with the Blade of Woe.

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