Borderlands 2

Characters and Classes

Siren is the Best Class for Solo Playing (Phaselocking)
Breaking Down the Different Classes and Characters
Commando Class (Axton) Guide
Gunzerker Class (Salvador) Guide
Assassin Class (Zero) Guide
Siren Class (Maya) Guide


Subtleties and Different Techniques of Picking up Loot
How to Find the Big Gun Loot Chests Easily


How Leveling Up and Experience Works
How to Get Experience and Level Up Fast (Farming)
Badass Rank and Badass Tokens Explained


Shooting the Ferovore (Bullymong) Projectiles in The Name Game Mission
Searching the Bullymong Piles in The Name Game Mission
In Memoriam Mission for Lilith (Locating the Echos)
Not Enough Local Bandits in Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate Mission
Luring Flesh-Stick back to Tiny Tina’s Workshop in You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP Mission
Getting to the Safe in the Safe and Sound Mission
Getting to the Mailboxes in Time in the Arms Dealing Mission
Finding the Echos in the Hidden Journals Mission
Goose’s Roost from Ellie’s Garage in The Dust
Beating the Badass Constructor in the Where Angels Fear to Tread Mission
Following the Clues and Getting to the Top Level in The Lost Treasure Mission
How to Open the Secret Lab and Pick up TK’s Blueprint in the Uncle Teddy Mission


Health versus Shields


Critical Hit Areas for Spiderant, Bullymong, Skag, Stalker, Loader and Thresher
Tips for beating Constructors (Killing Constructors)

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