Story Quests

Get Keba out of Well
Reach Chenzira

The End of the Snake

Investigate the Royal Scribe’s Office
Assassinate Eudoros
Escape the Bathhouse

The Weasel

Investigate Disturbance

The Taste of Her Sting

Sapi-Res Ruins Investigation
Shrine of Serapis Investigation
Ruins Investigation
Complete The Taste of Her Sting

New Kid in Town

Discover Temple of a Million Years

The Accidental Philosopher

Investigate the Coatsline

The Hyena

Investigate Khaliset’s Lair
Explore the Pyramid in search of Khaliset

Odor Most Foul

Investigate the Tomb to find the Source of the Stink

Children of the Streets

Investigate Shipyard in search of Kawit
Find and Rescue Kawit at Gaia’s Villa

First Blood

Investigate Tomb where Bayek Killed The Heron

Rites of Anubis

Ignite Ceremonial Torch

Murder in the Temple

Investigate the Temple

The Lizard’s Mask

Investigate Sick Apis Bull’s Quarters

Secrets of the First Pyramids

Retrieve Artifact from Tomb of Snefaru
Escort Merkes into the Vault

Sobek’s Tears

Investigate Sacred Pool

Seven Farmers

Assassinate Bandit Leader

Aya: Blade of the Goddess

Investigate Tomb Entrance