Build Harbors with Influence in Humankind

In this guide I’ll show how to build harbors with influence in Humankind. The reason this is quite good is that harbors are expensive to build, costing hundreds of industry and even more gold depending on how many quarters you have already built. This compares to around 30-60 or so influence it costs to place the harbor.

The harbor is one of the best stand-alone quarters in the game providing the yields of any kind, food, industry, science and money, not only within 1 but within a 2 tile radius. This compares to other quarters that only provide the yields of the adjacent tiles and only for one of food, money, science and industry depending on the quarter.

The prerequisite for being able to build a harbor with influence is (1) researching the fishing technology in the ancient era, (2) an outpost that is not already attached to a city with (3) a tile you would be able to build a harbor one, which is either a coastal water or lake tile. The normal harbor yields are provided to the outpost growing the population significantly and the harbor will remain available once you attach to or turn the outpost into a city.

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