2.5k Science Public School/ 110k Empire Science per Turn – Best Contemporary Era Science Culture in Humankind?

In this guide I’ll show you how I got 2.5k Science per Turn on the Turks’ Public School which added up to 110k Science per turn across the Empire. I’ll first discuss how the Public School gets Science yields and then I’ll explain how I managed to maximise these Science yields through choices in previous Eras.

The Public School scale on population on top of the normal research quarter adjacency bonuses. The special effect is 300% science per adjacent research quarter, which adds to 1,800% if you surround the public school with research quarters. So, to maximise the science generated by the public school, you will want to (1) maximise your population, (2) maximise the bonuses base and adjacency yield of research quarters and 93) add as many percentage based bonuses as possible.You can build one of these public schools per territory in your cities.

The Public School Yields for the Turks in the Contemporary Era in Humankind

In the ancient era I had picked the Harappans which give bonuses to food yields which, together with the Mughals that have a special makers and farmers quarter combination, powered the population in the capital above 100. Then, by picking good infrastructure, I maximised the adjacency bonuses as well as the percentage bonuses for the research quarters. Altogether this added up to 2.5k science per public school which added up to 110k science across the empire.

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