How to Build and Launch Nukes in Humankind (Nuclear, Thermonuclear Missile)

In this guide I’ll explain how to build and launch nukes in Humankind. As an overview, there are 5 steps, first you will need the right technology, unlock a civic and then conduct a series of nuclear tests, build a missile silo and then you can build and launch nukes. There are various requirements for each step which are discussed in detail below.

The research you need is Nuclear Fusion, which is a contemporary era technology, which unlocks the Nuclear Doctrine civic. You then need to go to the civics screen and go to the nuclear weapons civic and pick the Nuclear Proliferation option.

Pick the Nuclear Proliferation option in the Nuclear Weapons civic to unlock nuclear weapons

This unlocks the Fission Test shared project which you can start from any city and any number of cities can contribute production to it. You will need to find an area of the map that has nothing built within a 2 tile radius within your border and you will also need one uranium strategic resource improved which requires the Uranium Enrichment technology and a uranium deposit within your territories, or you can trade for if needed. If you don’t have anywhere with enough space you can always ransack your own districts to create enough space. This unlocks nuclear missiles. You will then need to complete the Fusion Test shared project, which requires 1 aluminium and 2 uranium, and nothing built within 3 tiles within your borders. This unlocks thermonuclear missiles. Again, you can use your units to ransack districts or relocate outposts to create enough space. You will then perform an ICBM test, which requires 1 oil, 2 aluminium and 3 uranium strategic resource and no districts within 4 tiles within your borders. This adds a veterancy to your thermonuclear missiles.

The next step is to place missile silos near your enemies and then build nuclear missiles or thermonuclear missiles in a city with a missile silo. Then you can select the missile, pick the nuclear strike option and target an enemy city within range and the missile will launch at the start of the next turn.

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