Massive Money, Science and Influence Boosts from Curiosities in Humankind

In this guide I’ll explain how to get free science, influence and gold in the early parts of a game in Humankind. As you probably know, curiosities spawn on the map in Humankind. They tend to spawn in the fog of war, which are locations where nobody has any sight. If you send an army over them, you will receive a small amount of science, influence or gold, and occasionally a military unit. Sanctuaries and Liars also tend to spawn and you can get gold for ransacking them.

The trick is that curiosities can spawn even in areas you have already explored. If you keep patrolling a territory, every now and then you will find curiosities that respawn even if you have been in the area before. If you use the scouts you get for free as well as a few other units, you will be able to harvest enough science to power through the ancient era technologies and have plenty of gold and influence to work with.

As the game goes on, the spawn rate of curiosities decreases as more and more of the map is permanently visible to at least one of the empires. At that stage of the game you can still find curiosities in the ocean which can provide a valuable boost to your resources.

In summary, instead of keeping your units stationary or disbanding them into cities, if you keep patrolling parts of the map that are still in the fog of war you will keep finding curiosities. The science, gold and influence will power you through the early gain to significant advantages over foreign empires.

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