How to Send a Mission to Mars to Establish a Colony in Humankind (Space/ Science Victory)

In this guide I’ll explain how to win the space/ science victory in Humankind which requires you to send a mission to Mars to establish a colony. I’ll start with an overview of the kind of empire that is required to be able to produce enough science to unlock the required technologies and has enough industry to be able to build the shared projects required for the Mars colony. Then I’ll explain each of the stages required for build the Mars Colony.

First, starting with how to shape your empire to be able to win the space/ science victory. You will need a lot of science being generated. For a guide on how to produce 25k+ science per turn, go here. You will also need to have cities with a lot of industry. For a guide to building cities with 10k+ industry go here.

Moving onto the stages of the victory. You will need to complete the Rocket Science technology which is a technology in the contemporary era. This unlocks the space station building. You will need quite a bit of production as well as the oil strategic resource to be able to build it. If you don’t have access to oil, make sure that you have completed the Combustion Engine technology in the industrial era and placed an oil well in the city with oil. If you don’t have access to oil, try trading with other empires. Unless you can build the improvements for them, which some cultures can, the empire will need to have the technology unlocked and built an oil well. You will also need to have a trade treaty with the empire before being able to purchase the resource from them. You can place it anywhere on the map where there is nothing else within two tiles. The game makes it easy to place it via the interface.

Now onto the second stage. Once you complete building the space station, you will need to build the Lunar Lander. This requires no further technology, but you do need 2 oil and 1 aluminium strategic resource. You can again trade for the strategic resource if you don’t have access to it yourself and be sure you have completed the Aerial Warfare technology and have placed an aluminium mine on any aluminium within your territory. Placing it is quite similar to the space station and it again requires a lot of industry to complete.

The final stage, which is placing the Mars Colony, requires 3 oil, 2 aluminium and 1 uranium. If you don’t have access to these resources, try to trade with other empires. Also, be sure to complete the Nuclear Fission research and place a mine on any uranium deposit in your territory. I have played on maps that simply did not have 3 oil in total making the space victory impossible. There are again similar placement restrictions as for the previous stages and you will need a lot of production to build the Mars Colony. You can provide industry towards all of the stages from multiple cities and there are also various bonuses that cultures and wonders have that help you finish these shared projects faster.

Once you finish all the stages you will be able to either decide to win or keep playing, in which case you will get some bonuses to reward you for completing the Mars Colony.

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