Get 25k+ Empire Research/ Science in Humankind

In this guide I’ll explain how to get a city to thousands of science and empire research to 30,000 and more in Humankind. This guide is broken into an overview of research and science in Humankind, explaining the basics of the research quarters which are the main source of science, how to boost that science using infrastructure and how to turbo charge science production by picking research focused civilisations. There are many other little bonuses you can get through things like religion, but they are not that material.

First, an overview of research and science. Research unlocks technologies that makes everything else better, such as your armies, quarters and infrastructure. It is required for most victories and very helpful for all. In particular, it is required for the Mars Colony victory, a guide for that is here. Science is produced mostly by research quarters and population.

Now, onto the research quarters. Most of the science will come from research quarters. Research quarters exploit the science on a given tile as well as adjacent tiles. Science yields on tiles is very rare and mostly present on strategic resource tiles. I usually seed research quarters around current or future strategic resources to capture the science yields of that tile. Most of the science, however, will come from the base science that research quarters provide as well as science based on adjacent research quarters. Therefore, it is good to plan out the research quarters to have as many as possible adjacent research quarters. This is limited by the terrain as well as maintaining your stability, take a look at this guide to read more about how to keep your stability at 100% even with hundreds of quarters in a city. There is also infrastructure that adds bonus science to research quarters.

Construct research quarters like this to get 25k+ Science per Turn and stay at 100% Stability in Humankind

Now let’s discuss how to boost the science using infrastructure. There are is a range of infrastructure you can build in your cities that boosts the science on research quarters as well as the adjacency bonus, such as the school and university. There is also infrastructure that adds more science yields to population as well as to researchers, which is population working as researchers, such as the library and house of scribes. Additionally, there is infrastructure that adds a percentage bonus to the cities science, such as the Alchemist’s workshop. Keep an eye out for this infrastructure in the technology tree.

Finally, picking civilisations that are scientists helps turbo charge your science. For example, the Swedes, which are in the sixth era, which is the contemporary era, have the Prize Science affinity trait which adds science to all districts on cities as well as additional science to research quarters. There are many other civilisations that also have nice bonuses, many of them providing a special research quarter with bonuses to science.

So, in summary, getting the science of cities into the thousands empire research into the tens of thousands requires many research quarters that produce base science as well as from being next to other research quarters, infrastructure that boosts the reserach quarters and picking civilisations that turbo charge science by providing bonuses.

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