EM2 Assault Rifle Weapon Guide Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War

Hi, welcome to the Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War EM2 assault rifle weapon guide! The EM2 is unlocked through the Season 5 Battle Pass at level 15. It is a well rounded assault rifle that has a fairly low fire rate and an inbuilt sight. We’ll first talk about tactics to best take advantage of the EM2 and then we’ll discuss weapon attachments and perks.

First, let’s discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the EM2. It is good at medium to long range due to its relatively low recoil and good damage. At close range you will be at a significant disadvantage due to the low mobility of the EM2 compared to most submachine guns. You will also need an advantage over enemies, such as already being aimed down the sights and being ready for them to come, to overcome the relatively slow aim down sight time and low strafe speed of the EM2. It is best to find a spot on the map that overlooks a busy traffic area, preferable where enemies are out in the open and vulnerable.

Moving onto the best attachments for the EM2, I found that the EM2 needed many attachments to help it overcome its weaknesses. Therefore, I used the Gunfighter Wildcard to be able to pick 8 attachments. I’ll go through each one now, starting with the optic for which I picked the Microflex LED as a personal preference, feel free to pick your favourite,  and the Tiger Team Spotlight body attachment which marks enemies with a red dot helping you spot them. The Airborne Elastic Wrap reduces the aim down sight time and protects you from flinching, so that you can win fights where you are behind more easily. I found that at medium to long range it was possible to reliably go for headshots when using attachments that help reduce the recoil of the EM2. The Infantry Compensator muzzle and Field Agent Grip underbarrel attachments reduce both the vertical and horizontal recoil significantly. To help make the EM2 more powerful, the 25.8” Task Force barrel increases the damage, effective damage range and bullet velocity of the EM2, making it easier to take on enemies at medium and long range. To help boost your mobility somewhat, the SAS Combat Stock increases the shoot move speed and aim walking speed so that you can strafe a little more effectively. Finally, the Salvo 30 Rnd Fast Mag increases the ammo capacity and reload quickness. With it you don’t have to reload after every kill, but whenever you find a break in the fighting it is still important to replenish your ammo.

Now, let’s discuss the best perks for the EM2. I’m torn between Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask. Whenever I use one, I miss the other. Pick whichever one you prefer to help protect you from enemies trying to flush you out of your position. For the second perk pick Quartermaster along with the Stimshot equipment to help recharge your healing after a competitive fight. Finally, similar to the first perk slot, pick whichever of Ninja or Ghost you prefer. I tend to go with Ninja because I know how easy it is to hear footsteps and prepare to take out an enemy with the big advantage of knowing where they are coming from.

In summary, the EM2 is a strong assault rifle which you will need to use to hold down a position due to its relatively low mobility. Here are all the attachments

EM2 assault rifle Best Attachments Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War

And here is the complete class setup for the EM2 assault rifle in Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War.

EM2 assault rifle Best Class Setup Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War
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