AK-74u Submachine Gun Weapon Guide Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War

Hi, welcome to the Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War AK-74u submachine gun weapon guide! First, let’s start with an overview. The AK-74u is a powerful submachine gun well suited to sustained aggression. We will build a class around that theme and I’ll weave in tactics along the way.

Given we will be aiming for sustained aggression, when you are expecting to be close to enemies, it is important that you don’t give away your position to nearby enemies during a fight. Use the sound suppressor so that you don’t show up on the mini map whilst firing. To counter the reduced weapon damage range, use the 10.3” Task Force barrel attachment that boosts your damage and effective damage range, as well as increase the bullet velocity making enemies easier to hit. It does come at a cost of lower starting ammo as well as increased recoil. The recoil can be controlled using the Spetsnaz Grip and the VDV 50 Rnd Fast Mag will increase your reloading speed, magazine capacity and ammo reserves.

The relatively high recoil means that you are at a disadvantage when enemies are behind cover or at longer ranges. Be sure to avoid such engagements by avoiding longer sight lines and positions with good cover where you are expecting enemies. To ensure you don’t give your position away with your footsteps as you move, use the Ninja perk. The Tactical Mask perk keeps you safe from enemy gas grenades, so you don’t have to worry about being caught in enemy traps, as well as protecting you from flashbangs and stun grenades.

Your knowledge of spawn locations as well as the mini map will help you with anticipate where enemies are. However, even with the best information, you will be surprised by enemies as you get close to them. Use the GRU Elastic Wrap for faster aim down sight time as well as reducing flinching so that you don’t miss your target whilst under fire. This will require using the Gunfighter wildcard to unlock more attachments. The KGB Skeletal Stock will also ensure you are ready for enemies faster if you are caught sprinting. To help you recover faster, use the Quartermaster perk to recharge your stimshot tactical equipment faster.

The Gunfighter wildcard gives you some more options where you can pick attachments based on your play style. For example, I find it useful to use the Mounted Flashlight body attachment so that enemies have a red dot above them, making them easier to spot. I prefer not to use an optic myself, but you can pick one if it helps you.

As always, pick your favourite secondary, lethal equipment and field upgrade!

Finally, here are all the attachments

Best Attachments AK-74u Submachine Gun

And here is the complete class setup for the AK-74u submachine gun.

Best Class Setup AK-74u Submachine Gun
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