QBZ-83 Assault Rifle Weapon Guide Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War

Hi, welcome to the Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War QBZ-83 assault rifle weapon guide! I will first give you an overview of the weapon and then discuss tactics and where the QBZ-83 is strongest. Throughout the video I will weave in the recommended class setup which I will show you in full at the end.

Starting with an overview, the QBZ-83 is a mid-game assault rifle that has a high fire rate and is easy to control. You can be aggressive with the QBZ-83 thanks to its quick handling. To support the aggression, use the stimshot tactical equipment to heal up between enemy encounters, combined with the Quartermaster perk so that it recharges faster, and the SAS Mag Clamp magazine attachment for faster reloads and more starting ammo. The Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask perks will protect you from enemy equipment that you will likely encounter, requiring the use of the Perk Greed wildcard. Use the Ninja perk so that your footsteps don’t reveal your location whilst advancing. You do need to be careful of enemies with submachine guns who have a distinct advantage over you in close quarters if you are not in cover.

Moving on to tactics, I will break this section into first the kind of engagements the QBZ-83 is best for, then how to find those engagements, followed by how to win the fights you get into and lastly what to do in case you find yourself in a fight at a disadvantage.

Firstly, the fights the QBZ-83 is best at is in close quarters where you have at least some cover to use to defend against the superior firepower of submachine guns. To ensure that you stay on target during those fights, use the Foregrip under barrel attachment.

Moving on to the best way to find these engagements, keep an eye on the mini map to gauge where enemies are likely going to come from and get ready for them to arrive in high traffic areas, such as objectives. To ensure that you can react quickly in those fights, use the Airborne Elastic Wrap handle attachment to speed up your aim down sight time and reduce flinching, ensuring that you stay on target even if you are being fired upon. The Ghost perk will ensure that enemies can’t find you with spy plane score streaks.

Transitioning to how to win these fights, the advantage you have is that you are prepared for enemies and have cover. To make yourself even harder to hit, be sure to keep moving left and right whilst firing, with which the Raider Stock attachment will help you by boosting your aim walking movement speed. Taking scorestreaks that reveal enemies, such as the spy plane, can make it easier for you to anticipate where enemies come from.

Finally, on the topic of engagements where you are at a disadvantage, in case you encounter enemies at long range, take the 15.5” Reinforced Heavy barrel which increases the effective damage range keeping you competitive at longer ranges. If you encounter snipers or enemies entrenched behind cover, it is often better to find another way to get closer to them where they are not ready for you. If you encounter enemies at close range, a good secondary, such as a shotgun, can be quite helpful to give you the edge.

Fill your final perk slot with something you find helpful, in my case I often ran out of ammo so I took scavenger to be able to resupply from fallen enemies and take your favourite lethal equipment and field upgrade.

There you have it. The QBZ-83 will help you hold down objectives and other positions that are close to enemies. Here are all the weapon attachments and here is the complete recommended class setup for the QBZ-83 assault rifle.

QBZ-83 Best Attachments – Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War
QBZ-83 Best Class Setup – Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War
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