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The Waffe 28 submachine gun in Call of Duty: WW2 is the fastest firing submachine gun in the game. Even so the Waffe 28 doesn’t have very much recoil so firing whilst aiming down the sights is the way to use the Waffe 28. With the Waffe 28 you will want to be close to enemies so that you don’t get taken out by rifles firing from behind cover. You will also want to be careful with your ammo as the high fire rate means that you go through magazines quickly.

Waffe 28 Best Attachments

The best attachments for the Waffe 28 are those that help you whilst aiming down the sights of the Waffe 28. The Quickdraw attachment lets you aim down the sights faster helping you when you get suprised by enemies. The grip attachment makes the recoil more controllable.

Waffe 28 Best Division

The best division for the Waffe 28 is airborne as it helps you move around more quickly, letting you get closer to enemies faster, and also grants the silencer which is good for taking out enemies silently without alerting nearby enemies.

Waffe 28 Best Basic Training

The best basic training is hustle which lets you reload whilst sprinting and reloads are faster, helping you refresh those quickly depleting magazines.

Waffe 28 Best Secondary and Equipment

Pick your favorite secondary and use the smoke grenade to screen your advance through open areas.

Waffe 28 Best Class Setup

Here is the complete best class setup for the Waffe 28:

Waffe 28 Soldier Best Class Setup Call of Duty: WW2 Weapon Guide

The best class setup for the Waffe 28 in Call of Duty: ww2.

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