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The M1941 infantry primary weapon in Call of Duty: WW2 has a higher amount of recoil but compensates that with fire rate. The M1941 is most effective when you are at medium range where submachine guns still have a range penalty but longer range assault rifles fire too slowly to compete with you. It is the submacine gun of assault rifles.

M1941 Best Attachments

To complement those attributes use quickdraw to aim down the sights faster which will help you during surprise encounters. Rapid fire increases the fire rate of the 1941 further making it even more deadly at its sweet spot. However, with a high fire rate comes high ammunition consumption. Use extended mag to increase the amount of ammo in the magazine and your starting supply.

M1941 Best Training

With the M1941 you will be constantly on the move. Use the hustle basic training to reload faster and whilst sprinting.

M1941 Best Secondary and Lethal

To help you attack objectives and choke points use the Mk 2 fragmentation grenade. Use the P-08 secondary to kill enemies when you run out of ammo.

M1941 Best Class Setup


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