Beating Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne PS4

Father Gascoigne Attacks Bloodborne

Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne has several attacks that you can’t stun him out of. The upper cut, the ground pound and side to side swings are examples. After some of those attacks Father Gascoigne takes a little time to recover, at those times you can quickly close in and get hit him once and roll away straight away. However, Father Gascoigne can be stunned when he is just starting with his overhead attack and other less intensive attacks. You need to be careful because if you shoot Father Gascoigne too late he will get stunned but you will also get hit:

Father Gascoign Stunnable Attack

Father Gascoign Stunnable Attack

Whilst Father Gascoigne is stunned you can go in for a visceral attack which does a lot more damage. You can also hit Father Gascoigne safely just after the visceral attack whilst he is getting up.

Father Gascoigne Transformation Bloodborn

After Father Gascoigne transforms he is very difficult to avoid. I suggest you use Molotov Cocktails to finish Father Gascoigne off, which you need to do quickly.

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