Traverse the Abyss Crota’s End Raid The Dark Below Destiny

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Traverse the Abyss Crota’s End Raid

When you land you will be attacked by a bunch of enemies. To traverse the abyss follow the lamps, be careful after a few lamps there will be holes in the ground and you can’t double jump. If you stay near the lamp too long the lamps turn red and explode so be sure to keep going quickly. Also, before you get close to the lamp wait for your team to catch up to you. At one point you get to a lamp where you can’t see the next lamp easily, walk up the slope and then you will be able to see the next light. The lights erase the no jumping debuff, but it will come back after some time of not being close to a lamp.

At the end you reach a circle of light. Hold the line until the bridge is fully built which is the case when you see the message that “the path ahead is clear”. It will be useful to place a bubble on the circle to make it easier. You can also get one player to stand in the light circle and the rest of the team stand behind the pillar. All the players standing behind the pillars behind the light circle only have to worry about the Ogre damage and not about the Thrall damage.

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