Ir Yût Deathsinger Reach the Summoning Crystal Crota’s End Raid The Dark Below Destiny

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Kill Ir Yût Deathsinger Crota’s End Raid

This part is on a timer, you have 3 minutes that is trigger after you start doing damage to kill everything including the Deathsinger. If you fail you die to the Deathsinger’s Litugy of Ruin. There are a lot of level 32 adds that are difficult to kill, use heavy ammo and supers to maximize your dps. If you follow the ring around there is some rubble you can use for cover to kill the wizard. Once you kill them the Shriekers will be able to be damaged. Once they are down the barrier around the Deathsinger falls you you can kill it.

Run straight into the boss room to agro one of the Wizards. Then go out to the outer ring and go behind the rubble and kill the wizard and the adds from there. Once you have killed the first wizard repeat for the second. Send a Warlock in to kill the Shriekers which will drop the barrier around the Deathsinger. Wait a little for the Shrieker’s Deathblast to occur. Ir Yût Deathsinger takes a lot of damage once the barrier around her is down so be sure to focus fire her down. Use blind grenades to disable the adds inside the boss room to make it easier to kill Ir Yût Deathsinger. Be sure to keep jumping whilst you are in the room, get a Titan to put down a bubble inside the room as well. After you kill a few more adds you have completed this part.

On each retry be sure to replenish you heavy ammo using consumables and wait for your supers to recharge before you begin.

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