The Best Perks in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Perks are designed to protect you from various sources of dying in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The most important issues that exist are that UAVs are commonly used, every time you double jump you show up on enemies mini map and when you are shot you flinch which will cause you to miss. There are also some other issues that I will discuss below.

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The Best Perk 1 in Advanced Warfare

The best perk in the first perk slot is the Low Profile perk which keeps you off enemy UAVs. I commonly use it on most of my classes, however, if you don’t mind switching classes in the middle of the game you can always make 2 versions of a class, one with Low Profile and another without it, and switch to the class with Low Profile when enemies start to call in UAVs.

I also found that in some games a lot of enemies use explosives. Whether or not enemies use explosives tends to depend on a lobby, so if you stay in the same one and they haven’t been using explosives there is a good chance that they also won’t use explosives in the next game and vice-versa. So if you run into a lobby where a lot of explosives are being used put on Flak Jacket.

The Best Perk 2 in Advanced Warfare

There are some specialized perks in the perk 2 slot that may be of interest to you. If you are on a bad team and enemies are calling in a lot of air support consider putting on Blind Eye which makes you invisible to enemy air support (other than UAV).

Gung-Ho lets you fire from the hip whilst sprinting. This is good for classes such as shotguns, but I believe there is an ADS penalty, in that it takes longer, when using Gung-Ho and your accuracy is very low when you fire from the hip whilst running. So for shotguns I would recommend it but not for anything else. Fast Hands lets you reload whilst sprinting, which is good if you want to be aggressive, and increases the speed of some actions.

The Best Perk 3 in Advanced Warfare

Unfortunately there are 2 perks in the third perk slot that are a must with most classes. The first is a must will all classes; Toughness. It reduces flinching when you are shot at. Without it you will almost always loose a gunfight where you are getting hit.

The other essential perk is Blast Suppressor. If you are near enemies and use the double jump of your Exo Suit you show up on the mini map for enemies letting them know where you are. So if you want to be near enemies you need to use Blast Suppressor to stop that from happening. For some guns you can’t do that since you need Scavenger due to that those guns either fire very quickly or come with very little starting ammunition, but in all other cases Blast Suppressor is a very important perk.

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