The Best Exo Ability Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The Exo Abilities in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare server somewhat similar to death streaks and certain equipment in past Call of Duties. There is one that is good on any class and others that are good in certain situations.

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The Best Exo Ability in Advanced Warfare

The best Exo Ability is Exo Overclock. When you die you are typically far away from where you were and hence where you want to be. The Exo Overclock ability increases your movement speed whilst active, which lasts for about 20 seconds. It is also useful for the start of the game where you can be in unexpected places and pick up a double or triple kill from unsuspecting enemies.

The Exo Stim doesn’t last long enough to be useful, although it can sometimes help when you are on an objective and you expect that enemies will attack you in the next 6 seconds. The Exo Mute Device isn’t very useful since footsteps aren’t loud enough in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare to give you away.

If you are on an objective, such as a domination flag or a hardpoint area, the Exo Trophy System can protect you from enemies throwing grenades and other explosives at you. However, in general play or a game mode where there are no area objectives it isn’t very useful due to the short duration.

The Exo Cloak is also useful for capturing objectives and if you don’t want to be seen from far away, but close up you will be clearly visible. The Exo Ping is somewhat useful, although all of the information that you see on your HUD will also be on your mini map. The others are sometimes useful in very special situations, but generally won’t help you.

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