The Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The best class setup in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has to include an assault rifle due to the layout of the maps. The best assault rifle in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the HBRa3, although the AK12 is a very close second place. A lot of people run UAVs in Advanced Warfare which will show you on the mini map. Also, using the double jump of the Exo Suit makes you show up on the mini map.

The Best Gun in Advanced Warfare
HBRa3 Best Class Setup
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The Best Gun and Attachments in Advanced Warfare

As stated earlier the best gun in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the HBRa3. The first three shots it fires are devastating and often kill enemies without them having a chance to kill you. The best attachments for it are the Stock, Foregrip and Quickdraw Grip. All of these make it easier to win medium range engagements where the Stock lets you move faster to evade enemies, the Foregrip reduces recoil making it easier to stay on target and the Quickdraw Grip reduces the time it takes to aim down the sights so you can land those three shots faster.

The Best Perks in Advanced Warfare

There are a number of unique issues to Advanced Warfare. At the moment UAVs are very prevalent, and if multiple UAVs are called in you even get highlighted on enemy HUDs. Hence use Low Profile to be invisible on the UAV. This often means that whilst an enemy UAV is up you run into enemies that don’t expect you to be there since they assume most enemies will be on the UAV.

In a contested gunfight when you are being hit flinching will cause you to miss shots which will then lead to you loosing that gunfight. Toughness reduces the flinching you do when you get hit so you can get those first shots in more easily. To stop you from showing up on the mini map when you double jump, which is often how I find and kill enemies, use the Blast Suppressor.

The Best Exo Ability in Advanced Warfare

Since you only get one charge per life many of the Exo Abilities aren’t very good. For example the Exo Stim, which increases your health, lasts for 6 seconds only and it takes half a second or so to activate it so you can’t do it in the middle of a gunfight. I often found that I couldn’t reliably predict that I will run into an enemy in the next 6 seconds so often I wasted or didn’t use the ability at all.

The Exo Overclock ability increases your movement speed whilst it is active. It lasts for quite a while, 30 seconds or so, and you will be able to use it every time you respawn to get close to enemies quickly.

The Best Loadout in Advanced Warfare

Here is the complete best loadout in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. There are 3 points left to spend on scorestreaks. I would highly recommend using the UAV as one of them.

The Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

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    a good think is to use bal because its shot fast and has accurate and put on forgrip and a sight and laser sight

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