Multiplayer Review Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

I have been playing Call of Duty for several years now and have put in over 1,000 hours into the multiplayer part of those games. When I started playing the Multiplayer of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare I really liked the movement system which refreshes the series. However, I don’t think they went far enough, I would have liked to be able to wall run, a feature of Titanfall I liked a lot, and perhaps stay in the air for longer. There are also a number of other issues I will go into detail later on.

First of all, I really like the multiplayer of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I had a lot of fun in the game and heartily recommend it to anyone who has played and enjoyed Call of Duty in the past, unless the issues I describe below turn you off.

The first issue I want to bring up is the spawning system. As your teammates die around you they will start respawing on the other side of the map and the enemies will start spawning near you so eventually you just get overwhelmed or shot in the back. The only solution is to stay back from the main fight, but where is the fun in that?

The second issue is that in Advanced Warfare they ditched the system where you could just unlock what you wanted that we had in Call of Duty Ghosts. Now it is back to grinding through getting kills, aim down sight kills, hipfire kills and double kills. And sometimes the unlock you get has nothing to do with what you did, for example you have to get hipfire kills to unlock the stock that lets you move faster whilst aiming down the sights. Also, the double kills are very strict, you have to get the second kill very quickly after the first. That makes it really difficult to complete the double kill challenges, meaning they will take a long time to complete. Some of the weapons don’t have enough bullets in the magazine to get a double kill, and you can only unlock extended mags by getting double kills.

Quick scoping is back in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. For some this is good news, for others, like me, that is bad news. I personally really liked Cranked in Call of Duty Ghosts which has not made a comeback in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

There is an interesting system where you get get variances of the weapons that are buffed and debuffed in some ways or have certain attachments always on. These are unlocked by getting supply drops, which seem to be randomly awarded (although I have read it has to do with play time, completing challenges etc.). Some of the weapons are garbage whilst others are very powerful, this might lead to balance issues in the future.

So overall I enjoy the movement system and the combat is the same as in all other Call of Duty games, but there are a number of smaller issues, such as a flawed respawning system and a unlocking system that involves doing things you don’t want to do. Perhaps some of those issues will be fixed but I’m not holding my breath.

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