How to Exo Dodge, Dash, Double Jump and Ground Slam in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The movement system in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is quite extensive and advanced and gives you a lot of mobility. You can use it to get an advantage over enemies that aren’t utilizing the system.

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How to Exo Dash in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

You can quickly dash in all direction except forward whilst you are on the ground. To do it, move in the direction you want to dash into and double tap the sprint button. If you are in the air you can also dash forward by pressing the sprint button.

How to Exo Double Jump in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Simply press the jump button twice.

How to Ground Slaw in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

To perform a ground slam press the crouch button whilst you are in the air. You will go down and forward slightly. On impact you stun nearby enemies. If you manage to hit an enemy you will kill them.


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