The Best Secondary Weapon in Advanced Warfare

If you are trying to shoot down air support use the Stinger M7. However, if you are looking for a secondary to go with some primary the decision sin’t as clear cut. The RW1, which is a railgun, is interesting but ultimately very difficult to use since it has only one shot per magazine. however, at close range, that one shot is lethal so you can get one hit kills. The PDW fires automatically and has almost the same amount of damage as the other 2 pistols making it, in my opinion, the best secondary in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

The Best Primary Weapon

The PDW is the Best Secondary in Advanced Warfare

The easiest to use weapons in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare are the automatic weapons. The ATLAS 45 is a semi automatic pistol that you can fire pretty quickly, but pulling the trigger and aiming at the same time can be tricky and the ATLAS 45 doesn’t even do much more damage than the PDW.

The MP443 GRACH fires in two round bursts, which is even harder to control, and has the same amount of damage as the PDW. Therefore, in my opinion, the PDW is the best secondary weapon in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.