Pytaek best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The Pytaek is the most accurate of all the Heavy Weapons in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. As you shoot the recoil settles making it easier to hit enemies. All Heavy Weapons have very low mobility and handling meaning that you will not be able to compete at close range and have to be ready for enemies at medium range. The Pytaek is best used to hold down a position. Only advance when you are reasonably sure there are no enemies ahead.

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Pytaek Best Attachments Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The Pytaek is very good at long range if you are also using the Foregrip that reduces the recoil. To be able to keep track of enemies at that range use the Red Dot Sight. So that you get even better at that range use Advanced Rifling to increase the range of the Pytaek.

Pytaek Best Perks Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Since you will need to be holding down a position you need perks that let you know where enemies are and that stop you from taking damage as much as possible. Low Profile keeps you off enemy UAVs and Flak Jacket protects you from explosives. Blind Eye makes you invisible to air support so that you can stay outside even when enemies call in air support. Toughness reduces the flinching when you get hit which makes it easier to win a contested gunfight.

Pytaek Best Loadout Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Here is the complete loadout. There are 3 points available for scorestreaks.

Pytaek Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Pytaek Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

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