EM1 Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The EM1 fires a beam (laser) constantly. It does not require ammunition but if you hold down the trigger for too long it overheats. I found that overheating usually isn’t a problem as long as you aren’t trying to kill more than 3 enemies in a row. The EM1 deals the most damage out of all the Heave Weapons in Advanced Warfare. All Heavy Weapons have very low mobility and handling meaning that you will not be able to compete at close range and have to be ready for enemies at medium range. The EM1 is best used to hold down a position. Only advance when you are reasonably sure there are no enemies ahead.

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EM1 Best Attachments Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

At long range the recoil of the EM1 becomes difficult to control, especially if you are using the iron sights. Hence use the Fore Grip to reduce the recoil and the Red Dot Sight to make it easier to keep your aim steady on enemies.

EM1 Best Perks Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The best perks for when you are using the EM1 are those that protect you and let you know where enemies are. Low Profile keeps you off enemy UAVs. Flak Jacket protects you from explosives by reducing the damage they do. Blind Eye makes you invisible to all enemy air support other than the UAV. Peripherals let you spot enemies that are further away on the mini map. Toughness stops you from flinching when you get shot making it easier to win contested gunfights.

EM1 Best Loadout Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Here is the complete recommended class setup for the EM1. There are 3 points left for scorestreaks.

EM1 Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

EM1 Best Class Setup Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

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