The Best Gun in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (The Best Primary Weapon)

In Call of Duty Advanced Warfare all of the maps are quite large, but there are some close quarter engagements. Therefore the best weapon must be an Assault Rifle since the Submachine Guns are not competitive at medium and long range compared to the best Assault Rifles. I believe the best gun in Call of Duty Ghosts is the HBRa3.

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The Best Assault Rifle
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Assault Rifles are the Best Weapons in Advanced Warfare

The best strategy to do well in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is to hold down a position that has a height advantage over the surrounding area. Being aggressive by running at enemies will mostly just get you killed due to that the maps are designed to have many paths all over the place making it impossible to cover all angles when you are moving. Submachine Guns would be good if you are aggressive, but they aren’t very good at holding down a position, especially if the area that the position is overlooking involves some long range combat.

The other weapon classes, such as Shotguns and Sniper Rifles are good in their own way, but too specialized to be the best weapon in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

The HBRa3 Assault Rifle is the Best Weapon in Advanced Warfare

The HBRa3 shoots the first three bullets much faster than the rest when you start firing. Those three bullets are often enough to kill enemies and they have little chance at keeping up with the amount of damage the HBRa3 does during that time.

A close contender is the AK12 which is also a very good assault rifle. However, the HBRa3 is much better at medium range than the AK12 is and, given that is the most common combat area, the HBRa3 is overall better than the AK12.

So there you have it. The best primary weapon in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the HBRa3 Assault Rifle.

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3 Responses to The Best Gun in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (The Best Primary Weapon)

  1. CodyJ says:

    Totally agree. Which is funny because usually my preferences are different than most reviews i see. The HBRa3 is all around great. Great at medium range, long is good, and short it performs very well too. Good clip size. Low recoil. Performance seems to be almost identical when silenced too!

    Thanks for the info on the gun! Good review and well thought out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are so wrong about all of these guns, SMGS’s, assault rifles, class setups. Whoever wrote these has obviously never played this game online, and is just mixing and matching whatever seems like it would be a good gun, or a good class setup. Seems like a decent way to attract traffic to your site w/o knowing what your talking about though.

    • For each of the recommended class setups the game has been played for around 4 hours, unlocking everything. Note that the idea class setup varies for different people, use the recommendation as a starting point and modify it to your preferences. The target audience are those that don’t know very much about the game and want some starting help. Clearly you have played the game for a long time already and have your own opinions about what you want to use, so these articles won’t be very valuable to you.

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